5 Most Common Pit Bull Myths, and the Facts

There's no shortage to the amount of misinformation around Pit Bulls and bully breeds, especially with all of the bad press they get in the media recently.  We want to educate people about Pit Bull types so that they can then make their own informed decision about the breed, not just accept what they see and hear from un reputable sources.

These are the most common Pit Bull myths we have heard to date.


Myth: Pit Bulls have jaws that lock up, and they cannot release them even if the want to.

Fact: There is no dog breed with locking jaws.  There never has been, and there probably never will be.



Myth: Pit Bulls are genetically predisposed to violence towards humans.

Fact: A dog's behavior is a product of its' environment.  Dogs are not robots, and they are not designed to hurt people.  Dogs are not genetically driven to violence, if a dog has anger issues it is more often than not because of their training (or lack thereof).



Myth: Pit Bulls are only good for fighting.

Fact:  This could not be more incorrect.  Pit Bulls excel as working dogs, search and rescue dogs, in obedience training and are even used as therapy animals.  A Pit Bull will only fight if they are unfortunately trained to do so.



Myth: Pit Bull types are always unpredictable and can even turn on their owner with zero notice.

Fact: Pit Bull types and bully breeds are no more unpredictable than even their smallest, toy sized cohorts.  When a Pit Bull (or any other breed for that matter) is referred to as unpredictable by their owner, 9 time out of 10 it means that they do not understand their dog's behavior or mentality.  They may also not pick up on the cues that dogs give out when they're saying that they've had enough for now.



Myth: Pit Bulls are only owned by drug dealers, gang members and dog fighters.

Fact:  For starters, looking at a Pit Bull puppy should dispel this myth outright.  This is in fact a stereotype, and the majority of Pit Bull owners are normal people, no different than than the owner of a Golden Retriever.


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