5 Things You Didn't Know About Blue Nose Pit Bulls

At first glance, many people see the blue nose pit bull as an intimidating and scary breed.  Blue noses are medium sized dogs, and although they have a powerful appearance, it can be bit deceiving.  Their reputation as 'fighter dogs' also haunts them and negatively sways people's opinions about the breed.
Blue Noses Don't Always Have a Blue Nose
Their noses can be blue, red or black.  Not having a blue nose isn't even considered to be an imperfection to one of these pups, in fact breeding experts haven't even been able to pin point the cause, they just consider it to be a genetic trait.
They Are Full Of Energy
Blue nose pit bulls are one of the most active dog breeds in the world - definitely not a pet for the lazy dog owner who wants to stay inside all day.  Blue nose pit bulls need to live in an environment with plenty of space, or at least a park near by, in order to get all that energy out.
Their Emotions Resemble Those of Humans
Blue nose pit bulls have similar mindset to humans.  These dogs can actually have their feelings hurt, and can become stubborn - just imagine insulting a teenage girl and then having to hang out with her.  On the plus side, if you keep them happy, you're guaranteed to have their undying love.  Just don't say the wrong thing, they might even give you the silent treatment.
They're Not Very Good Watchdogs
Looping back to their bad reputation, this one stands out as a little funny.  Blue nose pits may look scary, but they won't even bark at strangers unless they are trained to do so.  These dogs are naturally very loving of their families, but they are naturally friendly animals that also tend to love anyone else - an intruder could easily win them over with a snausage.
Blue Noses are Incredibly Intelligent
This may be a surprising trait for such an intimidating (for lack of a better word) looking dog - I consider them giant teddy bears.  When these animals are trained and raised properly, they can be one of the most affectionate and sincere dogs in the world.  They are even great with kids, and will quickly pick up on 'what a baby is' and reach the thought that they need to help take care of it.  They even have a high pain tolerance, which helps them put up with incessant ear-and-tail pulling from kids.
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