Heroes you haven't Heard of, that are also Pit Bulls, part 1

Now a days, whenever you hear about a pit in the news, it's generally in a negative light portraying how vicious and uncontrollable these dogs are.  In light of Pit Bull Awareness Month, we want to help shed some light on how beautiful these creatures really are.  We're putting together a list of our favorite unsung furry heroes, hopefully we can educate people about bully breeds all through October.


Abby, who saved a little girl from being mauled by a fox

Reigning from England, Abby and her basset hound pal saved a four year old from a wild fox while she was playing outdoors.  When the animal ran up to the little girl and latched its' jaws onto her pants, Abby and co. promptly chased the fox away, and returned to check on the child.


Phoebe, who saved a kitten from a taped up cardboard box

On a cold winter New York morning, Phoebe was out for her usual walk when her sharp ears picked up something a little out of the ordinary.  She heard faint meows coming from a box thrown in a pile of trash, ran up and stuck her nose into a tiny hole in the side, and discovered the little kitten.  Animal control picked him up, nursed him back to health, and named him 'Jack In The Box'.


Stitch, who inspired children with his birth defect

This little guy was born with a cleft lip, and has since been a role model to children with similar deformities.  Stitch's parent made him a Facebook page to help raise money for his surgery, and a mother of two children, both with the same cleft lip, stumbled across it.  She has since said that any time that her children feel sad or anxious before their surgery, they look at Stitch's profile to feel better knowing that it isn't just humans who have this problem, but it can happen to cute pups too.


Cletus, who accepted a dimple on behalf of his deceased owner


Cletus is a service pit who used to belong to Josh Kelly, an Idaho State University student who suffered from epilepsy.  Due to his disability, it took kelly over a decade to graduate, and he unfortunately passed away before he was able to receive his diploma.  Cletus was allowed to accept the diploma on behalf of Josh, walked down the aisle by his father, alongside 2,000 other students.  The school has since renamed a study hall to "Cletus' Corner" to honor the family.


Lilly, who risked her life to save her owner from being hit by a freight train

Lilly's owner was walking her in Shirley Massachusetts, when she tripped and fell unconscious as she fell onto a set of railroad tracks - with a freight train approaching.  The conductor tried to call into to slow the train down but he feared there may not be enough time.  Lilly tried to pull her owner from the tracks, but was unable to take her off completely, so instead she shielded her owner with her own body.


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