Russia Sends Police Puppy to France as Gift to Replace Fallen K9 Hero

In a very generous show of solidarity, Vladamir Putin has sent a German Shepard puppy to France to replace Diesiel, a four legged hero who fell victim to the recent attacks in Paris.



The Russia dog – a German Shepherd named Dobryna – was a gift from the Russian interior ministry to French colleagues who lost the dog in the final showdown with jihadists in the St Denis district of Paris.

"The police puppy’s name is Dobrynya. He was named after a Russian knight, Dobrynya, a symbol of strength, kindness, valour and selfless help,” said Elena Alekseyeva, the spokeswoman for the Russian interior ministry.



Diesel was a 7 year old Belgian Malinois who was considered to be a high ranking elite member of the French anti-terrorism unit.  Diesel was given an official salute after he was killed, to honor his bravery when he gave his life to save that of his handler during the raids.

“The dog was sent upstairs to scout out a potentially dangerous situation before police officers could move in for an attack. Reports suggest that Diesel died when a female suicide bomber activated her explosive vest,” the police report said.